Which guitar Should You Choose: Left-Handed or Right-Handed?

Guitars are available in both right-handed and left-handed versions. If you’re left-handed, you should carefully consider which guitar is best for you to learn on. However, most people who begin playing the guitar don’t display a clear preference for either right or left-handed playing. This is because playing the guitar is complex, and it’s not clear which hand will take on the dominant role until you’ve spent some time practicing.

Most people who want to learn the guitar simply purchase a right-handed model without even realizing that there is another option available.

It’s a wise decision to consider this choice carefully, since it cannot be easily reversed years down the line.

You’re Right-Handed

If you are someone who is right-hand dominant, then it’s probably a good idea to go for a right-handed guitar. However, if you are someone who is left-handed or ambidextrous, you may want to consider your options more carefully before making a decision.

You’re Left-Handed

If you’re left-hand dominant, just get a left-handed guitar. That’s it 🙂

You’re Not Sure

Many people are ambidextrous, meaning they can use both their left and right hands interchangeably.

As you progress in your guitar playing, the role of the picking hand becomes increasingly crucial.

Initially, the fret hand is dominant when learning chords and simple melodies, which require more attention from that hand. However, as you progress in your guitar playing, the picking hand technique becomes increasingly important and requires more focus.

It is concerning that a left-handed person may not perceive an immediate difference between playing a left-handed or right-handed guitar. However, if two left-handed twins were given a left-handed guitar and a right-handed guitar respectively, it is likely that the twin with the left-handed guitar would have more dexterity after a year of practice.